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Zelda Inu

A Decentralized hyper deflationary token focused on revolutionizing the way we look at Crypto - A first of its kind, fully transparent token with one core value. Helping dogs in need by funding the rescues who save them! CERTIK AUDIT & KYC - SOLIDITY AUDIT - TAX 5% BUY - 5% SELL

First Five Donations
$41,000 Donated To Date







Why invest in Zelda Inu

Zelda Inu is not your average lackluster MEME COIN with zero use case. It is a real project with tokenomics and a fantastic community drive to save pets in need. We have a solid vision of the future of what we want to achieve and with your help we know we can go past the moon!

Many Coins you see do not have big goals and the developers are there to make a quick buck with little respect for your time and investments. Do not fall for this trap and invest in a coin that has true goals, a transparent team and long term locked liquidity!

Our team of open developers along with multiple audits and open source accounting ensures that the team is here for the long haul. Our outlined plan shows a clear path working towards the ultimate goal, funding shelters and rescues that care for the animals we love! Many tokens have used dogs for profit but we will be the first to stand up together and give back to them. Buckle up my friends!


60% Locked Liquidity
15% Burn
10% Sale
6% Marketing
5% Dog Rescues
4% Team - Locked



Reward Contract




Reward Contract




Dev Wallet Watcher

Dog Rescues




Team - Locked


Our Highlights

60% Locked Liquidity and 2% Pool Growth

Buying and selling will never be a problem with our large locked growing liquidity.

Buybacks and Burns

When the token needs some help we can use LP Tax for buy backs and then burn after. Already 98 million tokens burned.

Holders Are Rewarded

2% of every buy or sell will be rewarded to holders in BUSD

Transparent Team

We are fully doxxed, qualified and certified Diamond Hands

Confident Trading

Zelda inu has a Certik Audit, KYC and 24/7 Skynet Security as well as pre launch Solidity Audit

Massive Marketing Plan

1% of every transaction is allocated to Marketing as well as 6% of total supply


Phase 1

Website & Socials Launch

10,000 Telegram Members

Listing On Pancakeswap

Launch Aggressive Marketing


Solidity Contract Audit

1,000 Token Holders

$1,000 Start Dog Rescue Donation

Phase 2

Coinmarketcap Listing

Coingecko Listing

Certik Contract Audit

2,000 - 4,000 Token Holder

20,000 Telegram Members

Launch Paid Ads

$5,000 but we bumped to $10,000, Dog Rescue Donation

Phase 3

New Website Additions

Kucoin & Gate.io Listing

Bitmart Listing

10,000 Token Holders

30,000 Telegram Members

$15,000 Dog Rescue Donation

And Off To The Moon

Diamond Handed Dream Team

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Vince and his two boys are masterminds when it comes to crypto, marketing and business development. Currently the firm he owns is managing around 100 companies in Florida for all types of marketing, coding & web solution services. His love and passion for animals and crypto have collided full force on this project and he hopes this can be a revolutionary start of how crypto can help rescues, shelters and the world.


Jasper is a crypto and Web3 enthusiast. He has 10+ years of business strategy and management consulting experience within the financial services, and IT industries. Currently, he is the VP of Strategy at an 80+ person software development company that builds digital products and works with startups. Personally, he has a wife, baby on the way, and a ferocious 😉 7lb Maltepoo, Penny who loves belly rubs and playing with her red Kong.


John is a longtime crypto investor and owner of a Mobile Tech Imaging Solutions company. He was born and raised in Florida. John is married with two kids and currently has two rescue pups. Koda, a 6 year old full bred Siberian husky, and Hank, who is a 1 year old husky mix. John has a passion for helping not only people, but also animals in need.


Robert has a successful sales and marketing background. His financial literacy and love for all things crypto made him a perfect fit for our team. Meet his rescue dog Arlo! (Pictured). He’s a rescue dog lover too! Robert has the unique ability to influence and empower. He is our HYPE MAN!!

(For More Team Info)

Our first donation was made to Vintage Paws Sanctuary, inc an amazing rescue that specializes in saving elderly dogs when they have nowhere to go. Coin still not launched yet but we are starting the good work.

Second donation was to Satchel's Last resort, they do amazing work in the community and save so so many dogs. We appreciate what both of these rescues do for our furry friends.

Third donation was a revisit to Vintage Paws Sanctuary because we only donated $1,000 pre launch and one of their dogs needed a surgery so we covered all surgery costs. Also in third donation we visited Forget Me Not, an amazing shelter that could really use the money.

Fourth donation was to an amazing group of people at Pet Pal Animal Shelter in St. Pete Florida. The work they do is nothing short of amazing and we are blessed to be able to help their shelter.

Fifth donation was to Animal Welfare League, they are a very large shelter and rescue in Central South Florida a donation was made of $7,000 to support their cause and save more animals.

$1000 Donation #1

$10,000 - Donation #2

$15,000 Donation #3
2 Rescues - Watch Video

$7,000 Donation #4
Also Covering All Adoption Fees For A Month



Bart Baker - Youtube and Influencing Legend Over 40mil World Wide Subs

How To Buy

1. Install Trust Wallet or Metamask

2. Fill your wallet with BNB

3. Swap BNB to Binance Smart Chain

4. Connect Wallet To PancakeSwap, Dextools or Poocoin

5. Add the Zelda Inu Contract Address

6. Set Slippage to 9%-10%


Zelda Inu is a unique BUSD reflection token. Zelda Inu is the only crypto that drives to help others in this world. BUSD rewards are sent directly to your wallet each day. Just HODL Zelda Inu and earn BUSD rewards while you sleep.

Yes, Our unique reward system is triggered by volume (buy + sell activity to cover gas fees). Payouts to holders may not occur every hour if trading volume is low. When this is the case, the amount of rewarded BUSD each holder will receive does not decrease. However, will accrue over a longer period of time until it is suitable for a payout to trigger (usually a few hours).

At this stage, there is no minimum amount of Zelda Inu tokens needed for each holder to receive rewards. Buy HODL and earn.

We will document every donation to shelters or rescues on the website so our community can see the good cause they are supporting.

Contact Team: [email protected]

Contact Team: